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Seeing and enjoying a Juggler’s performance is something but when you have to juggle a demanding job, a growing family and a home is a difficult exercise. If one of the three can be outsourced or some of its chores taken care of by others, your life would be a bit more easy. You may not be able to delegate the responsibilities of your job and family, but you definitely can delegate some of the work at home to us.

We can take care of your rubbish collection, and you would not have to do it yourself. This would ease some of the workload on you. We have years of experience rubbish collection and are certified waste management professionals. We will dispose your rubbish responsibly.

We will repair or replace locks at your home, office or even in your car. We are the bestlocksmiths around. We are certified locksmiths and carry the required security clearance too.

Paving your garden or driveway is not a headache now we will do it whilst you are in your office and have it ready when you return. We will test and tag all your electrical appliances and give you the green light. We are professional pest control experts too.

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House washing

Having a clean home would make you proud and confident of inviting friends and relations home without any hesitation. Whilst a clean and smart home will be a thing of beauty, a dirty and shabby house would be nauseating. Passersby would always give a second glance when they see a smart house and it would be the talk of the neighbourhood.

We like to have nice homes and spend a substantial amount of our earnings to buy homes and maintain them when living in it. With time homes could get soiled from the harsh weather we experience in the State of Queensland, because it is not possible with the busy schedules we have to keep a constant look at everything around our homes.

A bi-annual or annual housewashing discipline which should include a thorough clean could get your home back to it’s pristine glory. Pressure cleaning of roofs, driveways, concrete steps, pathways and other areas grown with moss, dirtied with grime and stained will give your home a brand new look.

Cleaning of gutters, eaves, roofs, walls, patios, pergolas and the list is endless makes homes stand out after a good job done. I am a Queensland Water Commission approved and accredited “Water efficient operator”, hence will execute all cleaning work contracted within the laws of the local councils. There has never been any issues with the authorities after a job is completed.

H2ohousewashingthe one person house washing company with twelve years of experience serving the Queensland community with dedication and commitment is leading the way in providing satisfaction to home owners with quality workmanship and service.

Using modern cleaning equipment combined with safe and high quality chemicals the finished job would be something to behold. Every Brisbane house washing is not only just washing the house with water, it would include a total clean up from ground to roof. Using the latest equipment every place where dirt is liable to collect should be cleaned failing which it would be just a slipshod clean up.

Sticking to detail in house washing Brisbane has been the reason that I have continued this business for more than twelve years. Meticulously cleaning the houses that were contracted has brought rich dividends because all or most of them have recommended my workmanship to their friends and relations.


Electricity and its importance.

Electricity is an important component in our lives and is today an integral part of most things we do. We use electricity from the time we are out of bed in the morning till we hit the sack again at nightfall. Without the convenience of electricity we will be lost trying to achieve everything in our daily chores. Electricity has given mankind a new impetus since its discovery when a catfish stung an Egyptian in the river Nile in 2750 BC.

Though it was not the same thing that we use today, it is the same jolt that keeps our refrigerator running, our music systems dishing out the music or the blender churning out our favourite juice. We have taken the use of electricity for granted and most do not respect it for the service it is doing to us. We could reciprocate by being responsible and using electricity carefully.

Whilst using electricity we need to get our priorities in order and have the systems checked for flaws often. Professional electrical risk assessment, emergency lights testing and exit light testing would be a good place to start. Regular electrical risk assessment and electrical test and tag of all equipment using electricity from the supply line would give you the right status of the system under review. Testing and tagging should be handled by the professionals, any laymen fiddling with electricity is going to put you from the pan to the fire. Handling electrical tagging systems are not laymen’s chores hence test & tag needs professional input. The next time you need electrical test and tag call the right people.

Test and Tag certification after a thorough Testing and tagging exercise does not cost a fortune, but would come very handy when the local council officers, come tapping at your door demanding you produce the electrical risk assessment certification. Failing to produce the test & tag certification would make you liable for a hefty fine. Having all your documentation in order like the Test and Tag certificate, the emergency lights testing and exit light testing certificates will hold you in good stead when needed.

Electricity becomes an important component in life only when everything is in order, by overlooking anything especially certificates of electrical risk assessment, electrical test and tag, emergency lights testing, exit light testing and Testing and tagging you could be jeopardizing the lives of many others.

We can offer you an attractive package to test & tag your equipment and also provide an electrical testing and tagging certification at very attractive prices, which cannot be matched by others. We have many years of experience and have served the community well, with dedication and trust. Our commitment to quality workmanship is comparable. We are the leaders in providing quality service.

Contracting your Testing and tagging, emergency lights testing, exit light testing and electrical test and tag to the professionals would take a heavy load off your shoulders. We need to test & tag our equipment regularly hence contracting it would be advisable.


Public liability insurance is a mandatory.

It is imperative that you protect yourself from loss and liability if you are in business. Loss and liability is a part and parcel of any business, and could strike at the most unexpected time and place.

Liability is a generalized issue which covers many aspects and it may be difficult to identify what it would mean to your type of business. Identifying the liabilities your business could face from time to time and the precautions to protect yourself and the business is a dilemma.

It is in this context that Business insurance in it’s complete form comes in handy for every businessman. The choices are many and at Jim’s Insurance we will thoroughly study each and every scenario and tailor make insurance policies.

If the company is in the building construction business the insurance covers that would suit it, would be different to other companies in the trading sector. A Building construction insurance to cover the construction aspect would be the most appropriate, in this case.

If the company is in any other construction related business, which in itself is a very wide spectrum they could opt for a Construction insurance policy. This type of insurance cover would cover the construction aspect, but the clauses have to read through well, understood and once you are convinced your signature should placed on the dotted line.

Those responsible to obtain insurance must be well conversant of what they would want from an insurance policy and what they would get if and when calamity.

It is not limited to only the construction aspect alone that should be covered in such a policy, other clauses could be added but should be related to construction. If the need is to extend a blanket cover to protect the company’s interests on many fronts, a Commercial insurance would do the needful.

If a company is renting a commercial building and need to protect itself from unforeseen accidents that could occur due to circumstances beyond their control a Commercial building insurance would protect it if something happens.

Depending on what your liabilities could be the business liability insurance could cover the business activities of the company on many fronts.

Public liability insurance is a statutory requirement and most companies are required to have this cover to protect third parties. 


Stylish fencing enhances property value

Stylish and smart fencing would enhance the value of your home and property. Properties with fences properly demarcating them have a premium value compared to others with broken or dilapidated fencing.

Purchasing a home is a lifetime investment, and it is imperative that you sort out everything connected to the property you intend buying prior to signing on the dotted line. The fencing is important as it is what will keep you out of trouble with your new neighbours. Boundary disputes occur when fences are not firmly demarcated.

If the fencing needs repair or replacement having it attended to, prior to completing the legal procedures is advisable. It is always better to be safe than be sorry later.

If you are to replace the fencing prior to moving in, there are many options that you could consider. The most popular is Colorbond fencing, which is a wholly Australian product, manufactured to the highest international standards and conforming to Standards Australia.

Colorbond fencing is available in fourteen colours and they are easy to install, maintain and replace if damaged due to external forces, like tornadoes or storms. The colours and the material it is manufactured facilitates the reflecting of heat and glare giving a soothing effect to the eye.

Jim’s Fencing has expert fencing contractors who could install colorbond fencing and any other fencing to meet Standard Australia specifications.    

After an initial visit to your home we will forward a No Obligation quote and if and after you accept it we will ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standards.

In the alternative you could opt for timber fencing to have a natural look attached to your fencing. Timber has been available on this planet since time immemorial, and was used by our ancestors for their fencing too.

Screen fencing is ideal if you need to cover certain areas of your property from prying eyes. This type of fencing gives you the opportunity to add privacy to your lifestyle. There are many types of materials that could be used for screen fencing.

Today swimming pools have to be fenced to prevent accidents from happening, after many unfortunate incidents had occurred in the recent past. Hence pool fencing is mandatory today and is legislated and strictly enforced, in the context our customers prefer to install glass pool fencing because of it’s practicality.


Car window tinting Melbourne

Providing employees a comfortable working environment increases productivity, which is evident in all offices we have installed our specially formulated Multi-layer Nano tech solar window film. The drastic reduction of glare into the working areas of the office would bring a sense of relaxation to the employees and would tend to give them that extra impetus to increase performance.

Office window tinting Melbourne has pioneered the art of fixing solar window film that will last a very long time on your office windows. It makes the large glass panes shatter proof giving intruders a difficult time to break it in a hurry and gain access into your premises.

The solar window film by cutting down on glare and heat will increase efficiency of the air-conditioning systems by reducing the indoor temperature and helping the air-conditioning units to perform at optimum levels. This would reciprocate a reduction in your energy bills.

With decorative solar window film you could use this valuable space, at your point of sale to take across effective marketing messages. Otherwise if it is not a display window would go waste.

Your home too can be turned into a cooler and comfortable place, with Home window tinting Melbourne solar window film. These solar films are formulated to cut Ultra Violet radiation by 99% and make your home a safer place. UV radiation could cause skin cancer hence it is imperative that you protect yourself from the harsh Sun always.

The streaming ambient heat, coming in through the windows would make any interior uncomfortable if not installed with solar window tinting. It is easy to install and elegant to behold from both sides, in and out. It would also protect valuable possessions inside your office, like furniture, curtains, upholstery, pictures and paintings.

Getting your car tinted is easy and needs only a proactive call from you, and we will extend the best courtesies and complete the job to your utmost satisfaction. Car window tinting Melbourne is in the forefront of providing good services at very competitive prices.

We have always held the lofty reputation we have built over the years since our inception. Decorative designs to match decors in the rooms could be installed as per your personal requirements.

The solar window film is unique in nature as it protects and saves at the same time. We offer the best products from the best manufacturers. 


Protecting your property

Our homes are vulnerable when left unattended. Burglaries and vandalism are rampant in certain crime intensive areas of major Australian cities.

Protecting your property is your responsibility, because law enforcement authorities would respond only after a crime is committed unless they are on the scene or are able to prevent the crime before it is committed.

Proactive action by law enforcement authorities cannot be expected all the time as they too are stretched to their limits. Their response time could depend on many factors hence it is not always possible to depend on them for the total protection of your homes.

This is not a phenomenon specific to Australia alone, it is a global problem hence the vast strides in technological advancement in home security systems.

 Millions are spent by companies on Research and Development (R&D), to bring sophisticated products to counter the growing menace of burglaries, break ins, vandalism and even terrorism.

The Boston marathon bombing recently is a very good example of the versatility of security cameras. The bombers who perpetrated this heinous crime were identified within hours with the help of the strategically placed cctv cameras installed for surveillance of the streets.

The presence of cctv camera systems on public streets have helped the law enforcement authorities in many countries to solve crimes which otherwise would have remained unsolved. The advent of security systems coupled with cctv cameras have been a boon to those in charge of security and maintaining law and order.

In our homes when they are unattended or when we are in deep sleep after a busy day at work, criminals come to rule the roost. They can take away valuables we have collected with our hard earned money over the years, or just vandalize our homes for no reason at all.

Installing home security systems with burglar alarms could proactively prevent illegal entry with the alarm systems bringing the whole neighbourhood out in their night dresses and the burglars taking to their heels. The scene could be compared to one enacted in a popular movie, but your home will be safe.

With an alarm monitoring feature made available to you on your smart phone you too could return home immediately or wake up to enjoy the fun of seeing the burglars fleeing.

Finding the right professionals to make your home safe is important, as there are many unscrupulous entities waiting to take advantage of another person’s anxiety.

Jim’s Security a subsidiary of the largest home services franchise in Australia with years of experience in the security industry can offer you the right solutions for the security of your home.

Working hand in glove with leading names in the security related field, and representing manufacturers of no mean repute we have a solution for any possible security breaches that could occur. Our security systems have been tried and tested internationally, and in Australia too.

Our products and workmanship carry comprehensive warranties, providing solace to those who have placed their trust in us. We have endeavoured to be the best in the business and are the leaders in our trade.   


Bouncing back to be kids again

Adults are never old if they are young at heart. We may think we are old or aged and cannot do certain things that kids of 16 years and younger could do, but we now have an opportunity to bounce back to be kids again.

Bouncy castle hire Melbourne has given us the opportunity to bounce back as kids again and have fun in our own way. Their range of adult inflatable PVC castles delivered and set up anywhere we need, gives us a unique opportunity to bounce up and up again to bring that exhilarating feeling of youngness back into our hearts.

Jumping castle hire Melbourne with a wide range of inflatable castles suitable for adults has given us the opportunity and we have only a simple telephone call to make and it would be delivered set up, and removed after use.

Hired at very affordable prices, they are just the thing to make our next adult outing with old friends, or the next office get-together, an anniversary party or just ganging up together for some fun, an inflatable castle is just the right thing to give us that feeling of youngness back again.

Jumping castle hire is sure to pump the adrenaline back into our system, though we thought it had waned away from us. We could still have safe fun which would be supervised by a professional safety officer from Bouncy castle hire Melbourne.

Hence why are we waiting for, our next meeting whatever it may be can be fun and excitement for all we old folks. It will be an occasion we would remember for a very long time, and we will also go back home with a sense of fulfillment in our hearts, reminiscing our good old young days, and that is going to keep us young again for sometime till the next time.